Salon 477 Mission/Vision

Salon 477 Mission 
Salon 477 is a grassroots art movement that seeks to give voice, training and support to aspiring artists.
Through four streams we will provide: (1) educational training and resources, (2) mentoring, (3) dialogues and (4) collaborative exhibits.  Responding to the disconnect many aspiring artists encounter as they transition from back home to front room artist and from student to professional, Salon 477 offers a support system, forum and platform to equip them with the tools necessary to turn artistic passion into a career option.

Goals of Salon 477 include: (1) facilitating discovery and development of artistic abilities within individuals who desire to further refine their skills, (2) giving artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work and (3) helping individuals explore the possibility of a career in the arts.

Salon 477 is also the professional home of its founder and a local Grand Rapids artist, Georgia Taylor, highlighting her work in graphic design, photography, drawing and painting.

Salon 477 Vision
Salon 477 envisions a Grand Rapids artists’ network developed through the collaboration of local galleries and businesses, established artists and mentors that continually enriches culture and builds arts appreciation within the community while also teaching, encouraging and empowering aspiring artists, particularly artists of color.

There is a severe underrepresentation of artists of color in Grand Rapids and across the nation, reflecting a lack of education as well as a belief that a career in the arts is not a realistic option.  With few visible models of successful artists of color in the West Michigan community, artistic gifts are often overlooked or pushed aside for more practical career choices.  In response, Salon 477 offers quarterly dialogues on topics of relevance to the local artist community and/or society at large, encourages involvement in local festivals and events and presents an annual show that highlights local artists, particularly those that have never before displayed their work publicly.  As artists are exposed to various perspectives on art, refine and articulate their own opinions, learn how to present and market themselves to potential buyers and have opportunities to sell their work, they also contribute to the development of the network and visibility of Grand Rapids artists.